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Yesports University League 遊戲王大學電競聯賽 - 東南亞區

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賽事日期: 2022年8月24日 至 2022年8月27日

報名截止日期: 2022年8月18日(HKT:23:59)

比賽報名名額最多 128 人 (費用全免)

報名以先報先得形式 由 2022年 7月 18 日 開始報名,到 8 月 18 日 或 報名滿額後截止報名 (候補16~32人)

選手必需要加入官方在 DISCORD 公佈的房間以進行比賽

Tournament Details:

Tournament Date: 2022/8/24 – 2022/8/27

Deadline: 2022/8/18 (HKT 23:59)
Sign up fee: Free
Maximum number of applicants: 128
(When participants reaches the maximum number of applicants when registering, subsequent applications would be reserved for substitution)

Players must join the official DISCORD published  specific room to play



[Requirements to Participate in Tournament]

Participants must be students, and are required to upload relevant student documents to confirm their claimed identity.



冠軍: 價值HKD $1000 點數卡 💳 + Nineswing 服裝 x3 (價值 HKD $4500) 👕👕👕 + Pioneer SE-E9TW-H 藍牙耳機 (價值HKD $ 1000) 🎧 + Tiger Guardians NFT x3 🐯 🐯 🐯

亞軍: 價值HKD $400 點數卡 💳 + Nineswing 服裝 x2(價值 HKD $3000)👕👕 + Pioneer SE-E9TW-H 藍牙耳機 (價值HKD $ 1000) 🎧  + Tiger Guardians NFT x2 🐯 🐯

季軍: 價值HKD $100 點數卡 💳 + Nineswing 服裝 x1(價值 HKD $1500)👕 + Pioneer SE-E9TW-H 藍牙耳機 (價值HKD $ 1000) 🎧 + Tiger Guardians NFT x1 🐯


Champion: HKD $1000 Gift Card 💳 + Nineswing Cloth x3 (HKD $4500) 👕👕👕 + Pioneer SE-E9TW-H Bluetooth (HKD $ 1000) 🎧 + Tiger Guardians NFT x3 🐯 🐯 🐯
1st running up: HKD $400 Gift Card 💳 + Nineswing Cloth x2(HKD $3000)👕👕 + Pioneer SE-E9TW-H Bluetooth (HKD $ 1000) 🎧 + Tiger Guardians NFT x2 🐯 🐯
2nd running up: HKD $100 Gift Card 💳 + Nineswing Cloth x1(HKD $1500)👕+ Pioneer SE-E9TW-H Bluetooth (HKD $ 1000) 🎧 + Tiger Guardians NFT x1 🐯



1. "公開預選賽" 此階段由 128位 玩家組成,各參加者以單淘汰制的Bo3對戰,頭4名晉級將入圍 "總決賽"。

2. "總決賽" 此階段由 "公開預選賽" 頭 4名 玩家成組,參加者以淘汰制的Bo3對戰。

3. "斷線" 所有選手因遊戲伺服器 或 場地網路不穩定的問題而失去連線,判定斷線方輸掉這一局。如勝方在回報成績的地方附上當場對戰的截圖,沒有截圖、或是無法判定勝負(雙方同時斷線之情況)的場合請自動再戰一場,這個情況下,時間不予延長 。

[Rules and Regulations]

1. "Open Qualifiers" - This stage consists of 128 players. Each participant competes in a single-elimination system of Bo3. The top 4 players will be qualified to enter into the " Grand Finals".

2. "Grand Finals" - This stage consists of the top 4 qualified players from the "Open Qualifiers", and they will be competing in an elimination system of Bo3.

3. "Disconnected" - To all players that have lost their connection due to the game server or the network instability of the venue, the disconnected player will automatically be subjected to losing the game. Winner(s) must upload screenshot(s) of the battle showcasing the opponent’s disconnection and report scores in order to determine the official win of the round. If there is no screenshots, or when the winner cannot be determined (where both sides are disconnected at the same time), please start another game round on your own. Under such circumstances, time will not be extended.



1. 請於主辦方規定之時間到 Yesports 賽事平台 ( 進行報到 ,如延遲報到時間超過 5 分鐘並影響整體賽程之進行則視為棄賽處裡。

2. "128強" 至 "8強" 的選手,自行設立自訂房間,設立房間的選手在 Discord 中將房間 ID 私下交給對手,互方雙換遊戲ID,比賽完結後到 " Yesports 賽事平台 "( 上傳結果

[Sign-in method]

1. Please sign-in at the Yesports Tournament Website ( website-instructions at the specified time provided by the organiser. If delayed sign-in time exceeds more than 5 minutes where it affected the overall schedule, your participation will be treated as a forfeiture.

2. Players from "Top 128" to "Top 8" should set up their own custom rooms. The players who set up the room are required to privately give out the room ID to the opponent through Discord, and both players should exchange game IDs with each other. After the game round, both players are required to go to the "Yesports Tournament Website" "( to upload results at website-instructions



一勝(Bo1)、三戰 兩勝(Bo3)、五戰三勝(Bo5)。獲勝 隊伍 / 人士 將 晉級 至 下一輪比賽。 "BO3" 進行方式 是 由 "敗方" 決定下一場的 "先後攻",這時請 "敗方" 透過 discord 跟勝方提出自己 接下來要選擇 "先攻" 或 "後攻",擲硬幣贏的人要照訊息選擇"先後攻"


Best of 1, 1 Win (Bo1), Best of 3, 2 Wins (Bo3), Best of 5, 3 Wins (Bo5). The winning team/person will advance to the next round of the tournament. The way "Bo3" works is that the "losing side" gets to decide the "first attack" or the “second attack” of the next game. The "losing side" is required to propose himself to the winning side through discord on whether they have chosen to be the “first attacker” or “second attacker” in the game. The winner of a coin toss should choose ‘first attack” or “second attack” according to the message.



所有玩家都必須對自己的比賽進行屏幕錄製,因為如果出現任何問題,Yesports 可能會要求玩家發回他們的視頻進行修改。同時,為了保證比賽的公平性,避免不必要的糾紛,Yesports也將對整個比賽進行全程記錄。

[Tournament Gameplay Screen Recording]

All players are required to screen-record their matches in the tournament, as Yesports may ask players to send back their screen recordings for revision if anything goes wrong. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the fairness of the tournament and avoid any unnecessary disputes, Yesports will also record the entire tournament.


比賽期間不能更改或加減任何卡片,請選手事前準備好卡表,於線上報名時的時候繳交 (工作人員會提供表格連結), 如被發現任何 "更改" 或 "加減" 任何卡片,將會直接取消比賽資格。(本次比賽沒有備牌)

[ Deck ]

During the tournament, no cards can be changed, added or subtracted. To all registered players, please prepare the card form in advance and hand it over during online registrations (staffs will provide the link to the form). If any “change”, “add” or “subtract” of cards is found, immediate disqualification of the violated individual will be issued. (Please be reminded that there are NO SIDE DECKS in this tournament)